In Feb 2018 I began my first Bullet Journal. I had been seeing all over youtube and with other artists that this was a new popular method for planning and creating all in one.

Previously I had used several different planners but never been fully satisfied. My sister actually started her own just a short while before and seemed to be enjoying it so I thought I would give it a try.


I  was a little unsure how to really start off FEB. I’m a SAHM so it seemed hard at first to come up with a schedule, but after a few weeks I had a much better idea as to what really needed to be on my todo list and what was just space filler.

This was a beginner spread for sure, but you’ve got to start somewhere right?!

In March I got a little more confident in my abilities and tried out using color a little more along with a few new trackers included in my weekly spread.

I started doodling a little more in April but was still pretty shaky. Again I wasn’t 100% sold on any of my weekly layouts.

Honestly May is probably my least favorite color scheme and layout. I was kind of out of ideas and it really showed. By this time I was also feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on in life and not putting much effort into my Journal.

While I did love my June Cover page, I also tried out skipping the whole weekly layout and just did a master list for the month. I ended up not being a fan of it and never made one again.

July I skipped all together. Pregnancy had really set in plus general stresses of life so Bullet Journaling fell to the bottom of the list.

Finally August rolled around and I was determined to get a little back on track. I actually made a spread, but cut out a lot of the extra pages and general trackers. It was simple and clean, and finally felt do able again.

I wasn’t fully pleased with my cover page for September, but I was finally starting to get into trying out different scripts and lettering. I even started a spread to work on my lettering and doodling.

Youtube videos helped with motivation and just general ideas on where I wanted to go.

In October I really started to hit my creative stride in this field. I tried out inktober for the first time and drew from a prompt every day of the month. I began a new trend with my cover page and actually watercolored it on a separate piece of paper and glued it in. My weekly spread continued with the simple theme which seemed to work for me.

In November I started making my own stickers and utilizing them in both on my cover page as well as my weekly spread. One of my favorite months for sure!

December is when I finally really Honed in on my style and found a weekly layout I loved. The art journal feel really appealed to me and I really felt like I had everything I needed on each page.

Thanks for taking the time to flip through my first bullet journal. I can’t wait to share future posts and inspiration from my 2019 bullet journal!