Today I wanted to cover stock photos and how to use them within your bullet journal to achieve a more “art journal” feel within your pages.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Where do I find photos for my Bullet Journal? 

  1. Pinterest
  2. Unsplash
  3. Freepik

Pinterest is an easy option that has tons of options, otherwise I personally like to use Unplash just because they are royalty free stock photos so I can have high quality and not worry about stealing from someone else. However it is completely for personal use so it’s not a problem. Another option if you’re wanting vectored graphics as well as stock images is to use a site like Freepik which you do have to pay $10 a month for, but I get all of my vectorized graphics.

How do I use my images?

Once you’ve picked out a few images that you feel fit the aesthetic you are going for, go ahead and scale them down into a small size with your choice of photo editing app. I personally use Photoshop for this part, but I believe you can also use Microsoft Word or possibly Pic Monkey. Be sure to print them out pretty small so they fit comfortably on your pages.

How do I lay them out?

Laying your photos out can take a decent amount of time. play around with placement until you’re happy with the layout before gluing/taping anything down. You may also want to use other textured/patterned paper mixed in with your photos. I use some of the pattered paper from my January Collection along with some brown craft paper for added interest to the page.


Once you’ve glued/taped everything down, the real fun begins! I like to be sure to leave space for the todo lists for the week as well as stickers and doodles to further decorate the page.

A finished layout usually looks something like this